Friday, May 26, 2017

Update on NAJIT's 38th annual educational conference

The 38th Annual Conference of the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and translators (NAJIT) “was a record breaker in every aspect” says Rob Cruz, NAJIT’s Executive Director, in a recent blog post.   Indeed it was.  I am thrilled.

On Friday, May 19,  the agenda featured ten pre-conference workshops, most of which were sold out.  There was also a bus tour that included stops at iconic government institutions such as the Capitol and the White House. Tour guide extraordinaire Agustín de la Mora accompanied the group and provided insightful descriptions. The main conference, held on Saturday and Sunday, included over 40 concurrent educational sessions.   I heard many comments from attendees that they had wanted to attend more than one session at a time. Cloning would have been handy.
On Monday, a group of NAJIT members visited with their representatives in Congress to advocate for the advancement of the profession. NAJIT’s number one advocacy priority is that courts work with certified interpreters and translators as defined in the document NAJIT advocacy 101 for interpreters and translators, about which I will write within the next few days.
My fellow board members and I are thrilled by the success of our conference and remain committed to continue on this path for the 2018 edition, which will be held in San Francisco,  June 8th-10th at the Park 55 Hotel

Extensive thanks to all who contribute to the advancement of our organization and profession.

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