Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Publication of our article on judicial interpretation education in U.S. colleges and universities

In my June 22 post, I wrote about a study I was conducting with a colleague on programs and courses in judicial interpretation offered by US colleges and universities, which, to a great extent justified the name of my blog.   I am extremely pleased to report that the article on our findings has been published in the academic journal Translation and Interpretation Studies (John Benjamins Publishing Company). The exact reference to the article is:

Matthews, Gladys and Enrica Ardemagni. “Judicial interpretation education in U.S. colleges and universities. The path to academic recognition”. Translation and Interpreting Studies 8:1(2013), 73-93.  
The article draws a general profile of interpreter education in academic institutions, including  program overview (name, location, and level: graduate or undergraduate), requirements for admissions, program type and structure, faculty, student demographics, code of ethics taught, curriculum and pedagogy, student assessment, and experiential learning.  Because of copyright issues, I cannot reproduce my article on this blog, but would be more than happy to provide details of the study to those interested in knowing more about it.  While our contribution is rather modest, it required a great effort and we are thrilled it was published in a major journal of the field of translation and interpretation studies.  We hope it will be provide useful data for scholars and researchers and generate additional research opportunities in this field.

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