Sunday, January 15, 2012

Interpreting in Pharmacies: An Overlooked Topic

Yesterday’s posting on health care interpreting included a resource for pharmacists and it made think of the fact that interpreting in pharmacy settings is seldom addressed in interpreter training.

Cynthia E. Roat, principal author of Bridging the Gap –a 40-hour training course for health care interpreters—discusses the importance of accuracy when interpreting in pharmacies and lists the topics pharmacists are likely to address regarding a patient’s medication; such as, name and class of medication, indications, action, dosage, timing and mode of administration, etc.  This article titled “A Prescription for Accuracy”, can be found in her book Healthcare Interpreting in Small Bites –a selection of articles published between 2002-2010.

Cindy is a very vibrant woman who has contributed greatly to the development of health care interpreting.  Bridging the Gap is the most widely taught course in the field and has become a requirement for certification.  Her book Healthcare Interpreting in Small Bites is a wonderful source for both interpreters and interpreter trainers. It contains articles on topics that are seldom addressed in interpreter training activities as well as useful vocabulary exercises and puzzles on topics such as obstetrics, domestic abuse, and acronyms and slang.  Both the name of the book and the article I just described speak volumes about Cindy’s charismatic and engaging personality which makes her so effective as a teacher.

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